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 Third Class Evolution (3rd quest)

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PostSubject: Third Class Evolution (3rd quest)   Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:12 pm

Follow this Guide for 3rd Class Evolution.
Level 400, Completed both previous quests, 30 Million Zen (at least).
Further upgrade your class.
May wear 3rd level wings

To complete this quest, speak to Priest Devin on Crywolf Map.

Stage one
Objective: Collect Feather of Dark Phoenix, Flame of Death Beam Knight and Horn of Hell Maine.
Hunt the respective monsters to collect 1 of each item. Dark Phoenix (Icarus) for the Feather, Death Beam Knight (Tarkan2) for the Flame, and Hell Maine (Aida2) for the Horn. Return for Priest Devin for the second stage of the quest.

Stage two
Objective: Kill 20 of each monster (Balram, Death Spirit and Soram) in Barracks.
Talk to the Warewolf Quarel NPC to Warp in Barracks.
Once the mission is done, go back to Devin and get the third and final stage of the quest.

Stage three
Objective: Kill 1 Darl Elf
Go deep inside the Barracks, and talk to Gate Keeper, asking for permission from Devin to go Refuge map. Once he lets you in, slay at least 1 Dark Elf and return to Priest Devin to complete your quest.

Thanks and Happy Questing,
-NialMU Staff-
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Third Class Evolution (3rd quest)
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